The field for the 2013 Academy Awards could not be more eclectic or more polarizing as films that dealt with war, guilt, disease, and singing Wolverines vied for the top honors. But the one that would claim the prize was the very popular and well-respected film about a covert rescue mission in the midst of the Iranian Hostage Crisis called Argo. Directed by often mocked actor turned acclaimed director Ben Affleck, Argo swept the critical praise and made a killing at the box office. But does the film deserve the love or should it need rescuing once more? Eric, Kent & Lobster are here to find out.

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60's cinema was in a constant state of flux as the old studio films were competing with televsion. In 1967, Mike Nichols made his sophmore film, The Graduate, which told a modern existential tale of a recent college graduate played by Dustin Hoffman who is caught in perpetual state of indecision about his life and the two women who would complicate things even further. But is this film as seductive now as it was the most iconic films of it's age? Or the sound of silence more preferable? Eric, Kent and Lobster are jumping into the deep end of this counter-culture classic.

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