In 1968, the Space Race was in full swing and the rest of the world was swinging along with it. In theaters, indie filmmaker Roger Vadim was releasing a space opera starring his then-wife Jane Fonda based on a popular French comic book: Barbarella. From the beginning, the film divided audiences and eventually became a cult classic, telling the story of super sex agent Barbarella sent to a hostile world in order to obtain an illegal weapon. But does the film soar amont the shag spaceships or should it be relegated to taking the pill? Eric, Kent, & Lobster take the challenge.

Show Notes: You can find Peter Canavese's Review Here.

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Korean Cinema became internationally recognized in 2003 when an intense crime thriller called Oldboy picked up the Grand Prix at Cannes. After a swarm of critical praise, the film found a cult following that would turn into a film movement of it's own. The story of a despicable businessman who finds himself held against his will for 15 years before being released to exact his revenge on a nameless foe has shocked audiences internationally. But is it the hammer-weilding avenger of cinema or does it go down as rough as eating live seafood. Eric, Kent, & Lobster find out.

Show Notes: You can find the various quotes used in regards to this film on Rotten Tomatoes.

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One of 2012's most pleasant film surprises was a tale of a foul-mouthed family and their even more foul-mouthed friends and neighbors. Silver Linings Playbook was yet another look into family dynamics by writer-director David O. Russell who adapted Matthew Quick's novel. But does the film itself have a silver lining or simply a pocketful of lent? Eric, Kent, & Lobster will find out...

Show Notes: This podcast was recorded before the 2013 Oscars and therefore doesn't mention about any of the awards won. You can find Peter Travers' review of the film here.

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