This classic 1972 film starring Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway has been a critical darling that snagged a few awards in it's time. Directed by Roman Polanski from Robert Towne's script, this stylish noir set in post-war Los Angeles is riddled with layers and innuendo. Eric, Kent, and Jon peel back the layers and look at the dirty little secrets in the heart of the city and take a few potshots at the LAPD of yesteryear (well, maybe more than a few).

WARNING: This podcast is filled with spoilers throughout. There is also harsh language. Parental discretion is advised.

Show Notes: As mentioned on the show, we used Roger Ebert's Great Movies Review, which can be found here:

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Since the beginning of moving pictures, there have been some who have claimed the right to tell others what is considered "art" and what isn't. Over the decades, they have put these movies into lists labeled Top Ten, Greatest Ever Made, or simply The Best. They dangled these movies over the masses, sneer at their audacity for the enjoyment of big budget battle royales. They congradulate themselves for their "taste".

What they didn't expect was that one day, a group of brave individuals would scale their reaches and take them on at their own game; to reclaim those respectable movies worthy of celebration and sharing them with the "mindless multiplex drones" while at the same time taking aim at those movies that are not worthy of the appreciation given and bring them back down to size.

They didn't expect Arthouse Legends Podcast.

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