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Arthouse Legends Podcast

Welcome to Arthouse Legends Podcast - Where High Art and Geek Culture Collide! The goal of this podcast is to take a look at critically acclaimed and well-received films and consider if these films truly deserve their revered status in the cultural zeitguest. Using our combined film knowledge, geeky obsessions and general fart jokes, we take a bite out of much-beloved films, sometimes in love, other times in scorn, but never out-of-bounds.

Apr 27, 2016

1987 saw the return of Stanley Kubrick since 1980's The Shining. His film, Full Metal Jacket, took on the subject of the Vietnam War from the perspective of a group of raw recruits to full warfare. One slight problem, just months before Full Metal Jacket came out was the release of Platoon, which had critical adoration. But does Kubrick's view of an unpopular war still resonate or does it leave audiences doing the thousand yard stare? Join MovieDude Eric, Kent & Lobster at reveille as they discuss this film.


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