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Arthouse Legends Podcast

Welcome to Arthouse Legends Podcast - Where High Art and Geek Culture Collide! The goal of this podcast is to take a look at critically acclaimed and well-received films and consider if these films truly deserve their revered status in the cultural zeitguest. Using our combined film knowledge, geeky obsessions and general fart jokes, we take a bite out of much-beloved films, sometimes in love, other times in scorn, but never out-of-bounds.

May 11, 2020

During the mid-90s, adult-themed thrillers were all the rage. While most were focused on serial killers and realistic psychopaths, Warner Bros. developed a unique mass killer to headline their latest offering, a supervirus that kills nearly all that comes into contact. What came of the concept was Outbreak, starring Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo and Morgan Freeman about a group of virologists tasked with stopping the said virus from decimating a small California town with the next destination being the entire world. But does this crowd and critic-pleasing medical thriller get a clean bill of health or needs to be incinerated out of fear of contamination? MovieDude Eric and special guest David S. Dawson suit up to find out.


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