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Arthouse Legends Podcast

Welcome to Arthouse Legends Podcast - Where High Art and Geek Culture Collide! The goal of this podcast is to take a look at critically acclaimed and well-received films and consider if these films truly deserve their revered status in the cultural zeitguest. Using our combined film knowledge, geeky obsessions and general fart jokes, we take a bite out of much-beloved films, sometimes in love, other times in scorn, but never out-of-bounds.

Jul 30, 2015

In the final installment of Arthouse Summer, the Arthouse Legends crew take on the one filmmaker no one expected to be touched; Michael Bay. In 1996, fresh off his unexpectedly successful feature debut, he released his second film with famous action producers Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer with action icon Sean Connery along with esteemed actors Nicholas Cage and Ed Harris called The Rock about a convict and a federal agent trying to bring down an esteemed general and his forces that have holed up on Alcatraz with 81 hostages and tons of nerve gas. But does this film deserve the adoration of critics and action fans or should it have been victim to one of Bay's trademark explosions?


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