It's 1992 and the indie scene is about to get a blast of life that would change Hollywood forever. And one of those agents of change would be a former video store jockey with a lifelong obsession with films, a gift for dialogue and a lack of restraint named Quentin Tarantino. Upon the release of Reservior Dogs, he challenged how audiences saw violence in film create the kind of critical frenzy few filmmakers would ever possibly see. But is this film a genuine product of genius or the product of an overrated prodogy? Find out as Eric, Kent, & Lobster talk about loyalty, delusion, blood, and a word of ill-repute. Lend us your ears then we'll lend one back if you care to drop us a line at,,, and on Twitter @ArthouseLegends.

Show Notes: Owen Gleiberman's Reservoir Dogs Review can be found here.

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